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Office equipment and training of NGO staff in Tanzania

Basotu, Tanzania

Vision Tanzania e.V. (D) and Dabavita (Tz) strive to make a vision become reality together! For this, a well-equipped association office, especially today in the digital age, is a supporting foundation to be networked across continents.

Tatjana Reis from Vision Tansania e. V.
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An association office of the NGO Dabavita in Tanzania should be established by the end of year 2021.

This existing building, which was formerly planned as a student hostel, is to be used as a family meeting and education centre in the future. For this purpose, the headquarters of the NGO Dabavita will be moved from Arusha to Basotu. A well-equipped and secure office is essential for professional project work. Besides being used as an NGO office, the office can also be a centre for communication. 
At the same time, it can be used to produce and copy teaching materials for surrounding administrative institutions, schools or other educational institutions, and it can also be used by the local population, e.g. as a copy shop. 

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