save the poor

An aid project by l. beda in kigoma, Tanzania

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l. beda (Project Manager)

l. beda
Its a project aimed at helping poor people living in poor condition especially orphans and widows in north western tanzania.It started in May 2011 by helping 50 ophans living in Mwandiga Kigoma.The are 10 members who working to help these children by teaching them,this children will benefit by getting education and also we take a good care so as they fill how the world cares for them.
The challenge which we face at moment is the money to take the children in high learning institution, for example in our community there are two who have passed to go for the secondary education but financially we are having no money to support them.If people give their donations to save and help these children and widows will benefit in different aspect of life.

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Location: kigoma, Tanzania

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