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Electricity at our school in Mathare slum, Kenya

A project from Children of Mathare e. V.
in Mathare, Kenya

We are searching for financial supporters to install electricity at our small school in the Mathare slum, Kenya.

Jan-Rickmer Feindt
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About this project

A lot has been achieved at our Children of Mathare Primary School thanks to the support of generous donors. We continuously provide the students with food, clothing, study materials and pay teachers salaries. We also help in other areas with our association work - for example with the provision of masks, soap and disinfectants during the corona pandemic.
In this video we want to show you the situation in the school.
What was missing from school was electricity. For this reason, people cooked outside or in the hallway. The missing windows ensure poor lighting conditions.
We, as an NGO, have used our money to make electricity at our school possible. Now we need to refill our bank account to make the other work of our NGO possible. With every small contribution you can already be a part of our way to the donation goal!
For further information you are welcome to visit our association website: