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Großer Waldgarten Rehfelde - Pilotproject large foodforest near berlin

Rehfelde dorf, Germany

Our Foodforest near Berlin is an experimental laboratory to show that regenerative (soil-building) agriculture can succeed economically - and create a great place for social life, birds, bees, us, you...always with nature, never against it

ramos strzygowski from Sarsarale e.V. | 
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About this project

Our association Sarsarale e.V. supports sustainability, especially projects that address climate change and contribute to regional, healthy food. The form of food cultivation we favour is the forest garden (FoodForest). 
The "Great Forest Garden" in Rehfelde is an experimental laboratory: we want to show that regenerative (soil-building) agriculture in the foodforest can succeed economically - and create a great place for social life, always with nature, not against it. 
We want to implement our practical knowledge from Senegal (where a foodforest has been growing and thriving for years) here in our neighbourhood (near Berlin). We want to remove as many obstacles as possible that prevent others from bringing foodforests into the world themselves. That is why we are planning, building and researching!  And for this we also need your support!
Updated at 04. February 2021