Closed Chance for young homeless people with social phobi

An aid project by B. Szente in Wien, Austria

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B. Szente (Project Manager)

B. Szente
Chance for young homeless people with social phobia

Youth with social phobia grew up in a dysfunctional family and poor environment are unable to integrate into the society without an interference from outside. They have only met with normal society in the school and have almost absolutely no friends.

After graduation exams they are inhibited in searching a job or in further education by a variety of reasons.
The lack of opportunities often leads to depression, drug abuse or suicide. This doesn't mean they don't have a normal self-esteem, self-awareness but that was unable to unfold, while they feel rejected by a society which they respect and from which they are dependent.

These people will easily found themselves on the streets and, with time, become more and more difficult to handle. They can't get support from anywhere, and because of their frequent mysophobia and/or nosophobia they even can't go to homeless shelters or get in contact with similar organizations. This highly increases the risk of their further damage.

The only recipe for their recovery is a complete change of environment and starting something new, with helpful assistance, in a human way. It worth it: these youth has strong but silenced skills and abilities waiting to be revealed.

Donations may help them finding their way back to a normal life. We provide them a peaceful place to live and the possibility of further education, so they can reintegrate into the society, understanding its beauty. Long talks with understanding, teaching them to cook delicious food also helps.

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Location: Wien, Austria

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