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Education Matters - School fees for (former) street children in Uganda

A project from Suubi lya baana e.V.
in Jinja, Uganda

We are a team of former volunteers and experienced teachers who cooperate with a Ugandan NGO that reintegrates street children into society and pays the relatively high school fees. Why? Because we believe that education matters!

Philipp Zimmer
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About this project

Founded on 10th December 2017, the voluntary association Suubi lya baana e.V. (SLB) pursues general international development according to the principle of "helping people to help themselves". Since the beginning, we form a partnership with the Ugandan non-governmental organization Child Restoration Outreach Jinja (CRO), which supports street children. With the collected donations we currently support 120 children of the CRO to pursue a school education. Furthermore, the cooperation with the CRO includes long-term microfinancing projects to secure the financial and structural independence of the children's families. More information about our work can be found here!

This year, the CRO is enrolling about 20 more children who passed the rehabilitation class last year. In order to cover the school costs of these children, we would appreciate financial support for the start of the new school year in February 2021.

Important: As our membership fees completely cover the running administrative costs of the association (e.g. bank account and website domain), 100% of the donations reach the children!

2.000€ will help SLB to cover the following school costs for 20 children who will be newly enrolled in school this year:

  • School fees for 3 trimesters (1 school year)
  • Daily lunch
  • School uniform (uniform, school sweaters, socks, shoes, sportswear)
  • Other school supplies (exercise books, pencils, binders, toilet paper)
  • Individual support materials (e.g. school projects, medical supplies)