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DLRG Bonn - Give us light

Bonn, Germany

DLRG Bonn - Give us light

Bonn, Germany

Our missions often take place in the dark. Time plays against us and we have to find the person before we rescue them. For this challenge we need top material and to get it we need YOUR support.

Tobias Hentschel from DLRG Bezirk Bonn e.V. | 
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About this project

Drifting in the Rhine at night is a very unpleasant prospect for many, and it is potentially life-threatening. The water is cold, the current fast and the big Rhine ships with their engines can come dangerously close. They cannot stop. Every year, several people in Bonn find themselves in this situation. An emergency call can be life-saving at that moment.

"Where exactly is the emergency location?" the person making the emergency call is asked. This question is often not easy to answer because the person in the water is constantly moving. The fire department now alerts its own emergency forces and the DLRG emergency forces. Both are on the water within a few minutes.

And then the search for the person in the Rhine begins for all of us in the dark. Our boats each have two fixed searchlights, but from the boat we have to search the entire dark water surface with torches. Unfortunately, our current torches do not shine very brightly and it is often difficult to see anything.

We lack bright handheld searchlights on the boats.

At the same time, vehicles are searching the water from the shore. Our current torches are unfortunately not very bright and the spotlight is dependent on a power generator. Battery-powered spotlights would greatly increase our speed and make us more mobile. Time is of the essence in these cases for the person in the water.

We lack mobile, bright spotlights on the vehicles.

And for this we need you! Support us in the acquisition of new, professional floodlights for our water rescue units so that we can search for missing persons with bright LED lights.

The floodlights we are planning are battery-operated, produce high ranges of illumination and great brightness. Due to their compact dimensions, the torches are intended for use on the boats. The spotlights enable us to illuminate large areas from the shore.

If you support us, you give us "only" lamps, but you give a light to those who need to be rescued. Help us to help!
Updated at 18. December 2020

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