Funded Afghan women - looking for education

An aid project by “New Gulestan Arzo Organization” (M. Jahesh) in Kabul, Afghanistan

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M. Jahesh (Project Manager)

M. Jahesh
Lack of knowledge, that is one of the biggest problems that Afghanistan has. Many decades of war and destruction weakened the country. Nowadays, the people of the country and foreigners try to bring stability back to the country. But the actual situation is similar to the time of the Taliban, boys and men get the possibility to learn while women and girls have to sit at home, clean the house and bring up the children.
There are a lot of women and girls that have the wish to learn, but whose families deny their wish. New Gulestan Arzo Organization started to give courses for girls and women by women. To improve the help for the Afghan women and girls New Gulestan Arzo Organization needs books for the English classes, which can be borrowed to the students for the time of the courses. For the beginner course NGAO needs 120 books (one book costs 1$), for the intermediate course 100 books (one book costs 2$) and for the advanced course 80 books (one book costs 2$).
Please give these Afghan women the chance for a better life by getting education.

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Location: Kabul, Afghanistan

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