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Closed Donate a goat for Women living with HIV/AIDS

Kamuli, Uganda

Closed Donate a goat for Women living with HIV/AIDS

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Donate for a goat to support and sustain the women and orphans living with HIV/AIDS in Kamuli district.

a. wambi from Global Orphans Education TrustWrite a message

Global Orphans Education Trust is running a fundraising event for the Women living with HIV in Kamuli district in Uganda. The very low level of education among the whole population of the community has been attributed to the increasing number of orphans as a result of HIV and AIDS scourge that has hit the village for many years. Subsistence agriculture being the major way of livelihood has made it very difficult for the parents to send their children to school due to the increasing cost of education. The most affected and vulnerable category here, are the women and orphans with no proper care and protection, no education, no food, no clothes and medical care. This has encouraged and increased on the rate of infections among the population. GOET UGANDA has been running a "one goat per child" project and so far 20 families have benefited. We intend to extend this support to many other families; our aim is to reach 200 families in five years. With the donation of a goat at a cost of 88EUR for each of these affected families, these women and children will have a means of acquiring small income to sustain them, keep them engaged, and provide dung for fertilizers and small income from the milk. This will be in a revolving manner, where by the offspring will be given to another needy family, this will aid for sustainability, as the cycle goes on. We intend to have a pioneer project of 5 goats. The project is therefore initiated to target the women and orphans living with HIV/AIDS and to empower them by providing education to the bright ones and also empowering their guardians to carry out income generating activities that would further keep them even if the project ended.