Food Parcels for Child-Headed Households

An aid project by “South Coast Hospice Association” (S. Podmore) in PORT SHEPSTONE, South Africa

News: On this page the carrier keeps you informed about the current situation of the project. This helps you judge how the donations are being used.

S. Podmore (Project Manager), written over 3 years ago

S. Podmore

Food Parcels

Please allow us to thank all the wonderful samaritans who so generously support our food parcel project!  To see your children go to bed, tearful and uncomfortable because they are hungry, is the worst thing that can happen to anyone.  This is an ongoing programme as there are so many destitute people out there who need your help.  There is no greater reward than to see the tears of suffering and the devastation of poverty be replaced by grateful smiles and eyes lighting up... to know that you have made a difference in someone's life.  Tonight, I pray that each and every one of you be blessed beyond what you could possibly begin to hope for, as you have fed a family, you have filled the tummy of a hungry child.  That child will sleep tonight, knowing, he/she is not alone in this world, and thank you for your kindheartedness.

I cannot say this enough... T H A N K   Y O U !!!

Fiona M., written over 6 years ago

Fiona M.

Food parcels for child-headed households

HELLO EVERYBODY ! Please take the time to read further…

We are now well and truly into the New Year 2008 and I, on behalf of South Coast Hospice, wish all the people of betterplace success and happiness in the year ahead; let us hope that we can work together and achieve our goal of making this world a better place.

A very big thank you to three organisations who have kindly sponsored SCH ’s project “Food parcels for child-headed households”, namely:• Plazes AG• art matters GmbH• change matters

Thanks must also once again go to our supporters – your donations will allow us to distribute food parcels to those in real need. Please bear in mind that this is an on-going project – the lack of resources available to children who are heading households, and other terminally ill patients and their families, is a constant problem and the demand for food parcels remains high. To those of you who are unfamiliar with what the food parcel comprises of, here is a list of basic foodstuffs that is normally provided:

Soya Mince Imana MuttonTea bagsMaize Meal (‘pap’ – similar to a porridge; this is our staple food)Tinned FishPeanut ButterBaked BeansEllis Brown c/creamerHolsum (cooking lard)Samp (our next most basic/staple food item, cooked and eaten with beans)Sugar Beans red speckledMorvite regular (a nutritious ‘cereal’ type foodstuff)Morvite bananaSaltRice Biryani

We cannot of course provide any perishables such as fruit, dairy, etc. as electricity and/or refrigeration is not generally available.

Please visit the project site if you have not done so recently – there is a selection of photo images to view of which I am sure will provide a real insight into the work that we are doing and how your support will assist.

Thank you for your interest in this project – LET ’S RUN WITH IT !!!!

Yours sincerelyFiona MennellSouth Coast Hospice

Fiona M., written over 6 years ago

Fiona M.

Food parcel project

Today I received a message from a wonderful woman telling me that her son, his friend and other children had sold some hand-made goods at the Christmas market held in Berlin and had chosen to donate money collected to the Food Parcel project (project carrier: South Coast Hospice).

It is so touching to learn that children are willing to share what they have got to help other children. Their kindness inspires me and I hope that anyone reading this will feel the same way.

Through the medium of this blog: “THANK YOU to all who have donated to this project so far.”

Even though South Coast Hospice (SCH) tries to distribute extra food parcels to every child-headed household and all terminally ill patients during this particular period of the year, this project is an on-going activity – the needs of the children, patients and their families does not ever diminish. So please know that with your continued support and generosity you are enabling SCH to fulfil our dream of making our patient’s lives better. Thank you again!