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Help for storm victims in the Philippines

Naga City, Philippines

Help for storm victims in the Philippines

Naga City, Philippines

We help the victims of the flood of the century in the Philippines who have lost everything in communities in Naga City and Metro Manila. They need short-term emergency aid to survive, but also long-term aid for reconstruction.

Peter Nitschke from Plastic Bank Foundation Germany | 
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About this project

The Philippines was hit by five storms within three weeks. This resulted in a flood of the century, threatening the livelihoods of thousands. Plastic Bank Foundation Germany, together with local partners, is helping to distribute aid supplies to ensure survival and to participate in the long-term reconstruction. Several communities in Naga City and Metro Manila, where Plastic Bank works, were severely affected. Many people are housed in refugee centers and the most basic necessities are missing. 
Plastic Bank Foundation is working on the distribution of food, drinking water and clothing to provide short-term aid. We will also participate in long-term reconstruction by creating recycling infrastructure.

Updated at 04. December 2020