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Closed Music loves kids! Save Brave-Rock-Aria-Zoo! Save BRAZ!

A project from BRAZ GANG e.V.
in Gaggenau, Germany

According to the Bertelsmann Foundation, there is a lack of trained music teachers in primary schools in Germany. This school year we initiated 7 new music groups and won 33 new music students. Save the BRAZ GANG and donate now!

Kristina Hahn
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About this project

We at BRAZ GANG have made it our mission to show the world the fun and energy that  brass and drums can offer. We literally want to breathe new life into these often forgotten and somewhat old-fashioned instruments by playing forward-thinking, creative, and energetic music that is seldom associated with brass band music. Our goal is to popularize instrumental music and inspire the next generation to rediscover the magic of these instruments.
B-R-A-Z is a Brave-Rock-Aria-Zoo
Brave - canon composed of diversity and inclusion.
Rock - the music, not the stone!
Aria - songs that begin with the capital letter A.
Zoo - a hodgepodge orchestra of different instruments, ages and levels of ability.
Our still young gang consists of bloody beginners to advanced players with a few years of performance experience in elementary school to lower school age with ambitions to grow in every aspect.
BRAZ GANG is literally Bridging Regional Academies of Zealots. We are the link between the general education schools, the School for Music and Performing Arts (SMdK) and all music associations in the large district town of Gaggenau, Germany.
Due to Corona measures, BRAZ GANG had to cancel numerous events. Our income has collapsed, but the music training business went on and still continues. Right now, for children and young people making music is often the only way out of the monotony of isolation that all Corona requirements demand of us.

#Musikverbindet #SangUndKlanglos #AlarmstufeRot #OhneKunstundKulturWirdsStill #OhneMusikWirdsStill  

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Music loves kids!
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