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Funded Centre for education on sexual and reproductive health in Ghana

Agona Nsaba, Ghana

A lack of sexual and reproductive health education has devastating consequences. With our centre we want to provide the youth of Agona Nsaba and its environs with important knowledge and give them the confidence to make informed decisions

Natalie S. from a different life e.V.
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In Germany, sexual and reproductive health is an integral part of our school curriculum and it is also a topic discussed in families. Yet, in many countries around the world it is often not really spoken about - including in Ghana.

Unfortunately, a lack of education on sexual and reproductive health often leads to 

  • Teenage pregnancies (and related early school drop-outs)
  • Dangerous abortions (one of the 5 most frequent causes of maternal mortality)
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (with serious health consequences)

Sexual and reproductive health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality and reproduction and requires a positive and respectful attitude towards sexuality and sexual relations, and the opportunity to have pleasant and safe sexual experiences - free from coercion.

With our centre we want to create a platform in Agona Nsaba where different issues concerning sexual and reproductive health are addressed and where villagers can ask for help. Counselling in the centre is aimed at young women and men and through regular outreach programmes outside the centre we also want to sensitise other community members to this important topic.

The centre consists of a lounge as a meeting place and a consultation room for consultation hours. The common room is equipped with seating areas, board games and a screen with educational information. We also intend to distribute information materials and menstrual hygiene products in the centre and during our outreach programmes.

In 2021 we plan to build our youth hub in Agona Nsaba together with our a different life Ghana team (see plan under pictures). The Centre for education on sexual and reproductive health will be one of the four programmes offered, another one is our IT centre.