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Solar Powered Sewing Machines for Women of Pakistan

peshawar, Pakistan

We are teaming up with PowerOneForOne Foundation to support the women of Pakistan in fair wages by providing solar powered sewing machines. Thank you for your donation, every little bit helps in providing what could be a lifetime of wages.

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Dear Friends & Family! The pandemic has had a global impact, but even more so in developing countries.  Power One For One Foundation is teaming up with EcoEnergy to use solar power to help marginalized women learn a skill, own an asset and generate an income for their families. 

In patriarchal societies like Pakistan, men exert much influence over the lives of their female relatives and almost always have exclusive control over limited household income. Owning an asset that she can generate income from is an extreme hurdle for most women in Pakistan, which has one of the lowest female labor force participation rates in the world.  A donation of $100 will supply a rural Pakistani woman with a solar powered sewing machine and vocational training to run her own business from home. Even the smallest amount can go a long way to fighting climate change, reducing poverty and supporting equality. Thank you so much for your support.