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Full House Project - in Germany, Georgia and Japan

Leipzig, Germany

Full house project Germany, Georgia, Japan Create a place where you can experience the "three <now>" of the world!

Y. Ohtani from Das Japanische Haus e.V.
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All over the world, we want to create three places where you can experience real life!

We are a team made up of different people in Germany, Georgia and Japan. At the respective locations, we want to create community spaces where people from all walks of life can talk and start something together.

With our crowdfunding campaign we would like to inform you about our activities and invite you to join us or to support us financially.

It is always important that we move into a different environment and really immerse ourselves in the life there. That we talk to the people there and think together about the problems that exist there. We need to work together and put ideas into practice together to find out what world we want to live in in the future. This is exactly why we want to create places where it is possible.
At three locations in different corners of the world, we want to make real life tangible.

1. The "Japanese House" in Leipzig (DJH)
The “Japanese House” is a place where people of all nationalities, religions, ages, professions and financial situations come together to get creative and put new ideas into practice.

2: The "Labyrinth House" in Onomichi, Japan
The place offers enough space for artists from Onomichi and from abroad, for researchers and for people from the neighborhood to hold workshops and roundtables.

3. The “UZU HOUSE” in Georgia
The “UZU HOUSE” is a place where Georgians and foreigners who want to break new ground can come together to develop new business models, lifestyles and ways of working.

Crowdfunding target: € 10,000
Renovation of the "UZU HOUSE" (Georgia) and the "Labyrinth House" (Onomichi) (each 2500 €)
The “UZU HOUSE” and the “Labyrinth House”, which both stood empty for a long time, are in great need of renovation. Although repair work is ongoing, there are still some pieces of the basic house structure that need to be replaced, which is costly and labor intensive.

"Full House Exchange Fund": € 5000
We would like to set up an exchange fund and thus provide support for travel expenses so that individuals can travel back and forth between the three countries. We particularly want to support young people around the age of 20 who would like to experience a foreign country but cannot do so due to a lack of financial resources. Here we would like to provide support for the high travel costs, e.g. resulting from the expensive flight tickets.