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TCB Cameroon - Laptops for school in Bayangam

A project from Technik ohne Grenzen e.V.
in Bayangam, Cameroon

Help us to equipp a new computer room for kids in Cameroon! Better education will help them to find qualified jobs and improve their life situation.

F. Enzmann
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About this project

In Bayangam, Cameroon, people barely have access to computer equipment. Even though the local technical secondary school has a classroom equipped with computers, it is not used because most computers do not function and are too old. A new computer classroom can help the local community in multiple ways: the students of the school learn crucial IT and office skills; computers could be used by other citizens to learn computer skills. So we will collect functional laptops in Germany and prepare them with necessary operating system and software for use in classroom. We will then equip a classroom with laptops and implement small offline knowledge-box already used in other TCB projects of TeoG to allow the students to search for information. Furthermore, we will teach local teachers an members of the planned RG Cameroon to use and integrate the computers in their teaching activities.