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Closed Clean water - 3 wells for Brazil

Bahia, Brazil

Closed Clean water - 3 wells for Brazil

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According to the UN unclean water sources kill 5 million people worldwide each year. One child dies every 20 seconds of water-related diseases. Our organization helps change the grim facts.

J. Fink from Verein zur Förderung von Brunnen u. HilfsprojektenWrite a message

Our project no. 2 on betterplace is again all about wells for poor/needy people in Brazil. As we did in our last project, we are concentrating our efforts on two very large, dry communities called Bahia and Buritirama, where our work has been known and welcome for years now.

With your help, as you donate on betterplace, we hope to be able to build more wells. This time (2nd appearance on this platform) we hope to collect money for three wells in that area. Our work is for settlers in very secluded places, where land is dry and where it’s impossible to dwell as subsistence farmers without a basic supply of water - in-door plumbing only a distant dream. Affected settlers now, have to walk several hours (sometimes as many as 3) to reach one of those rare watersources, and then carry home that dirty water in a filled canister. One haul, however, won't be enough. These watersources are very often so unclean and unsave for use that they will cause diarrhea, skin disease, infections of the eye again and again, and can even cause people to die.

One single well, that is made with our very own equipment and technique costs as little as € 300,- to € 600,- depending on a well's depth (we do 8-20m wells). It certainly has the power to change many lives for the better.

For more information go to and check out hundreds of good, telling, pictures and some videos. Don't miss what’s there!
A well can/will save lives!!
We would be proud to find YOU among our donors! Every donation is welcome! (Upon request every donor of a higher amount of money is rewarded a card with a picture of the well and the beneficiaries' names on it).