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Funded Corona Relief for 200 families living in a slum in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Nepal

People living in developing countries suffer more from the Covid-19 crisis than we do. When there is no income anymore, hunger and miserey are your daily companion. We intend to help 200 families living in a slum in Kathmandu with food rations.

Khai-Thai from hamromaya Nepal e.V. | 
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About this project

The Covid-19 crisis has hit Nepal hard. People in Nepal had to go through two hard lockdowns with no opportunity to earn any income. Hunger and fear for the future have been constant companions. Especially the poorest families, who have been marginalised from society since decades, suffer the most under these difficult times.
Therefore, we and “Project Volunteer Nepal” are focusing our next relief program at Thapathali, a large slum in Kathmandu. According to the local committee, around 200 families are currently living in at the riverbank in the very south of Kathmandu. Most of the families living in that area, are the ones who had fled the 10-years long civil war. Some of them living there since already 20 years. Poverty, hunger, and misery are daily occurrences. Especially during the Covid-19 crisis conditions have worsen.
Similar to the past three months we are aiming to support those families with a ration of food and hygienic supplies for a whole month. These relief packages contain:
- 30 kg of rice
- 4 kg of lentils
- 2 kg of beans
- 2 kg of sugar
- 0.5 kg of tea
- 4 liters of oil
- 4 bars of washing and bath soap and toothpaste.

One ration will cost approximately 40 EUR. Transportation fees are already included.
We are aiming to support 200 families in need. Thus, having the ambitious goal to raise 8,000 EUR. Please support our relief program by considering a donation or by sharing this fundraiser among your families and friends. Every donation counts. Every EURO helps. Thank you very much!
Updated at 21. April 2021