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Covid-19: Support for Ampippal Hospital and nearby communities.

A project from Nepalmed e.V.
in Ampippal, Nepal

Ampippal Hospital and surrounding communities are in need of funds for beds, oxygen treatments, disinfectants and equipment, and protective equipment for patients and and hospital staff due to the Covid 9 pandemic.

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About this project

The Covid 19 pandemic represents a multiple crisis for Nepal. The health care system is not prepared for the extent of the pandemic and is completely overwhelmed. The loss of tourism, the country's most important source of income, has led to hunger and unimaginable poverty. In addition, the Nepalese who used to work abroad (e.g. in the Emirates) had to return to their home country and thus cannot generate money for their families. 
Since 2003, we at Nepalmed have been directly supporting the Ampippal Hospital in Gorhka District. We have so far improved the infrastructure and medical education, donated medicines and ambulances and covered the costs for the poorest population. Most recently, a nurses' home was built with our help.

The goal of the current fundraising is to support the health staff at Amppipal Hospital and other 14 small health facilities in Palungtar Municipaity, Gorkha, during this crisis. Specifically, beds, oxygen treatment, disinfectants and equipment, and protective equipment for patients and hospital staff will be purchased.