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Closed We give Indian girls a home. Support our Orphanage.

A project from act!orissa e.V.
in Orissa, India

act!orissa e.V. supports an Indian orphanage for girls and young women. We provide a home, finance schooling and make them fit for a self-confident life.

Holger Thiel
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About this project

Who are we?

At the beginning in 2006 act!orissa was a student initiative in several German cities. Even today, the association still functions exclusively through volunteer work and has its hub in Berlin. What makes us special is our direct cooperation with the social worker Chabila Nayak and his wife Deepali - both are our local points of contact and trusted representatives in Orissa.

What does act!orissa do ?

Our association provides a home to about 50 female orphans - in cooperation with an Indian partner. Mid-term the orphanage is supposed to become strong enough to support itself with the help of the Indian state.

What do we need your help for?

In order for the state to take over the financing of the orphanage, so that it is no longer dependent on donations from abroad, we need one last step - the multipurpose hall! When this is built and approved by inspectors, we will have reached our goal.

The costs of the multipurpose hall are a total of 8.000 Euro and composed as follows:

  • 500€ for tiles
  • 1.700€ for the installation of a kitchen
  • 600€ wage for the tiler
  • 1300€ for doors and windows
  • 400€ wage for the painter
  • 2.500€ for the sanitary facilities
  • 1.000 for tables and chairs

In this multipurpose hall the girls will be able to eat together, do homework and celebrate parties. It will also serve as a temporary overnight accommodation and can be rented out for external events, thus ensuring an income for the orphanage.

We are happy about any support on our final sprint, whose goal will be an orphanage that is independent of foreign donations and financed by the Indian state.