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Support us in the renovation and reconstruction of Demokratische Schule X!

A project from Demokratische Bildung Berlin e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

We, Demokratische Schule X, would like to create a place where our school community can develop and grow. The reconstruction and renovation of our new school building is crucial for this goal. Therefore we need your support!

Madlona Theile
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About this project

Demokratische Schule X is a democratic community school in the north of Berlin, which has been in existence for 10 years. Here, young people can learn in a self-determined way, have equal rights in shaping school life and grow up without hierarchies.
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In the last years and months we have managed with great efforts and a lot of support to get a loan and to buy a new school building in Berlin Heiligensee. In our new building we finally have the opportunity to further develop our school culture and grow sustainably. However, this requires extensive renovation and reconstruction work. Students*, parents and employees* have jointly developed a renovation plan that includes the following measures:

The school building
To be able to work barrier-free and inclusive, we will install a stair elevator. This will be part of a complete second staircase. Also new, smoke-tight doors, a fire alarm system, as well as a fundamental renewal of the electrical system must be carried out for fire protection reasons. Also the water pipes, the sanitary facilities and the thermal insulation will be renewed.
We also need a new room layout so that we can use the former restaurant building in the best possible way for our purposes as a democratic school. This will require wall breakthroughs, new doors and other steps.

The shed/remise
In addition to the main building, there is a shed on our outdoor premises. Here we would like to create, after a renovation and a fundamental renovation, space for noisy activities such as bicycle, wood and metal workshops, as well as a music room.

The outdoor area

We are also planning new paths, fences, new grass and a school garden on our outdoor grounds. After the work, on the building, where even heavy equipment will pass through our garden, this will be urgently needed. Such rather decorative, beautifying measures also cost additional money.

We will do many of the tasks ourselves, but we need more resources and external experts for a lot of the work. Our financial reserves are exhausted by the purchase of the building. However, we cannot wait with the renovation, as our current lease expires towards the end of the 2020/2021 school year. We need financial support as quickly as possible to cope with the conversion and renovation work.

Please help us to realize our dream of our own school building now, so that the education of the future has a place to develop.