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we need help in Wilster/SH to "polish" our office ....

Wilster, Germany

we need help in Wilster/SH to "polish" our office ....

Wilster, Germany

We are looking for donation for crafting materials to renovate our own office, so that we can expand our business and offer an own coaching room, online-courses for health advice and culture events.

Ute Ranft from DANDELION gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt) | 
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About this project

Hello to all helpful craftsmen and craft businesses!

Today we just need help for ourselves!

We - the newly founded non-profit UG DANDELION in Wilster / SH - have found an office that we can rent cheaply !! Hooray!

Rent cheap means - RENOVATE YOURSELF - which gives us with a huge mountain of challenges.

We need a lot of MATERIAL ...

Paint, wallpaper, floor coverings, tiles, sockets, switches, cables, etc ...

This is exactly why we are looking for your donations here!

Please help us - by donating money for material of your choice -
but also gladly through donations in kind.

If there are craft businesses here that may still e.g. 20 sockets and 10 light switches, or, or, or have left over - please contact us!

Thank you!!
Updated at 16. September 2020