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Closed Online seminars in Egoli - organic farming and biogas

A project from Greening Africa Together/Alle Hand in Hand, e.V.
in Philippi, South Africa

Support us in setting up online seminars in Egoli in cooperation with the TU Berlin - for the practical implementation we need a working internet connection and agricultural land!

Agatha Majcher
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About this project

Dear supporters,

in cooperation with the Technical University of Berlin, Energieseminar e.V. and Alle Hand in Hand e.V., it is our goal to make education available to everyone in the form of online teaching!

For this purpose we have developed the following teaching concept on the topic of organic farming and biogas in cooperation with David Ruiters (CEO of the NGO Youth Aid Project), which will be offered as a seminar at the Technical University Berlin and the township of Egoli from November on. 

The Township Egoli is located in Philippi, Cape Town, founded in 1998 by Community Leader Abbie Fransman. Egoli has 4000 inhabitants, 900 of them children, and is looked after by David Ruiters. Egoli has an unemployment rate of 97%, which is why many people see no prospects after leaving school. 

In order to address the main problem of the lack of prospects for the residents and to strengthen their autonomy, David Ruiters would like to work together with the surrounding farmers, as well as to show the residents prospects and provide access to education.

In cooperation with the TU Berlin, joint online seminars with guest lectures by local actors are offered for 20 interdisciplinary students and 20 interested residents from Egoli. This is possible thanks to the new possibilities of online teaching with various tools.

In addition to offering online seminars on organic farming, empowerment, self-organization, sustainability, and various South African organizations, the participants will learn various methods of working independently. All participants should also try out their theoretical knowledge practically. The surrounding farmers in Philippi have offered to lease land in the course of the project and have promised support with equipment and seeds. The participating students also have access to agricultural land in Berlin for practical implementation.

After a successful first seminar in organic farming, we would like to compliment this with the area of renewable energies, especially biogas. The organic waste for this comes from agriculture, and the gas will be used for cooking in a communal kitchen.

At present, there is an internet café in Egoli with seven laptops and functioning internet access, but this needs to be improved to ensure trouble-free transmission.

Please support us in being able to offer the seminars without disturbance and to provide all participants with an area for practical courses.

The goals of organic farming are to be achieved by April 2021 and the seminar starts in November 2020!

Further information will follow! :)

Thank you <3