Water Project

An aid project by “ASIFAW FOUNDATION” (K. Yirenkyi) in Nkurakan, Ghana

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K. Yirenkyi (Project Manager)

K. Yirenkyi
It was part of Williams Yirenkyi trip to Asifaw found out that the communities are still suffering from poor drinking water. This had increase sickness and death rate in various communities. Currently we have four people working on these project. This also affected children education due to the fact that by the time they return form fetching water for house hold usage the children cannot walk to school anymore. The turn out to school reduce drastically; with your little drop of donations you can save a life of entire communities towards the construction of Bore-Hole water system.
Your donations goes directly to this very project and you will received report with pictures and video of the Water Project

This project will benefit 2000 people living around various communities.

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Location: Nkurakan, Ghana

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  • Children washing cloth at a river stream 400 kilometers away from their village for water. This rive contain some micro organisms that course river blindness to these dwellers of Asifaw and surrounding communities.

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