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Child cancer patients in Sochi, Russia

A project from Deutsche Lebensbrücke e.V.
in Sotschi - Lazerewskoje, Russia

Russian kids, weaked from their cancer battle, receive vital blood purification and high-quality medication by Dr. Tschiklin, internist in a day-care clinic near Sochi. The clinic urgently needs high-quality medication & a blood purification device.

P. Windisch de Lates
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About this project

Russian children frequently die from cancer despite having successfully completed their chemotherapy. The tragic reason: Many young cancer sufferers don’t have access to vital medical follow-up care as well as high-quality medication. 

In the day-care hospital of a polyclinic in Lazerewskoje - a suburb of Sochi - one doctor wants to make a difference: Dr. Juri Tschiklin, internist and oncologist, is the only medic in the greater Sochi area, who specializes on the crucial medical after-care of young cancer patients.

Most of the seriously ill kids he treats suffer from a nephroblastoma - a malignant tumor in the kidneys. 

After having completed the exhausting chemotherapy, the kids' inner organs are weakend. Their bodies can’t digest or withdraw the poisonous remains of the long treatment. 

Medical after-care plays a crucial role in the decision between life and death of young cancer sufferers – but Russian health insurance does not cover any of the costs and many parents simply can't afford it. 

As a result, many of the young patients die painfully – after having gone through so much. Despite their obviously high chance of survival. 

Parents of cancer-stricken children often find themselves in a financially excrutiating situation: In most cases the chemotherapy had to take place in a bigger hospital, thousands of miles away from their home - by far not all Russian hospitals have the ability and capacity to treat cancer. 

The desperate parents had to spend all their belongings on their kid’s extensive cancer treatment – and don’t have any money left to finance the as important medical after-care. 

Dr. Tschiklin is these kids’ guardian angel: He wants to provide as many children as possible with the vital treatment in the day-care clinic he works in. For this reason he urgently needs high-quality medication as well as a used device to provide plasmapheresis (which cleans the blood and thereby physically stabilizes the body).

Some parts of the treatment can take place in the kids‘ homes. Some of it needs to be done in the day-care hospital. Like the plasmapheresis: Similiar to dialysis, in this important treatment the „bad“ blood protein gets extracted from the body. By this means the body gets thoroughly cleaned - and the chemotherapy can unfold its effects positively. The kids‘ chance of survival increases massively!

One used plasmapheresis device costs around 9.000 Euros. If we manage to collect 3.000 Euros we can turn to foundations and partners to ask for a contribution. But we have to make the start. 

Please, help supporting cancer-stricken children in Sochi, Russia. Enable them the life-saving medical after-care they so urgently need! Support Dr. Tschiklin’s amazing work by donating for high-quality medication and a plasmapheresis device. Thank you. 


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