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An aid project by B. Moll in Los Angeles, USA

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B. Moll (Project Manager)

B. Moll
This is the third time me and my employees start a charity project for improving the environment in California. By the end of this year and until the end of next year we are spending part of our salaries for the environment to plant more trees for a better climate in Los Angels and surrounding areas.

Last year we sucessfully planted about 1.500 Medium sized trees next to Park Mesa Heights in Los Angeles in different areas and supported local organizations and schools with caring about it.

The biggest challenge for us is to find supportes and gardens or parks that offer us enough room to plant these trees. We are all willing to take some of our vacation and help with this task and none of our supportes and volunteers asks for any money at all. Last time we just had to pay a fraktion of the price for new trees. because one of our clients helped us with it.

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Location: Los Angeles, USA

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