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Funded Ballot Bins - Keep streets clean of cigarette butts

A project from Inopia Foundation e.V.
in Nürnberg, Germany

Voting by cigarette butt? The message of the project is clear: don't drop garbage, but use the trash can. Because carelessly thrown on the street cigarette butts with their toxins are a serious environmental problem.

Alexander Frankow
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About this project

Voting by cigarette butt? The so-called "ballot bins" are bright yellow ashtrays that regularly provide smokers with more or less serious questions about environmentally friendly cigarette butts.

These are intended to help reduce the number of cigarette butts landing on the floor. Without a raised index finger, but with a wink. Because the "Ballot Bins" are at the same time a mood barometer that encourages people to get involved. It works by getting a question asked. "What tastes more like Berlin: kebab or curry sausage? Or "My attitude to life in Wilhelmstadt: dull or shiny?" Smokers vote by throwing their cigarette end into the slot below their preferred answer. The litter stacks up in two columns behind the clear glass front of the yellow boxes and shows which answer is more popular. 

The message of the project is clear: don't drop trash, but use the trash can. Cigarette butts thrown carelessly onto the street are not only a big nuisance and waste problem, they are also a serious environmental problem due to the toxins they contain. Every year, according to the association, 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are carelessly thrown away worldwide, accounting for 75 percent of all smoked cigarettes. Together, these cause about 750,000 tons of waste.

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