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Staying underground since 2002 – Help us remain BASTION in times of Corona

A project from no-budget-arts e.V.
in Bochum, Germany

Since 2002, we run a venue for arts and culture from the international underground in Bochum, Germany. Please help us remain BASTION in times of Corona.

Moana Köhring
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About this project

Staying underground since 2002 – Help us remain BASTION in times of Corona

Since 2002, we run a center for all types of  independent culture: BASTION. During this period, we staged hundreds of events.

The scene of our program of concerts, public readings, movies and performances covering all art disciplines and genres, is Das Kleinste Kino Bochums, Bochum's smallest cinema with 16 seats only.
And further the Egozentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst// Egocenter of contemporary Arts, a small exhibition room.

It's in our name: We wish to be a BASTION for underground arts and culture.
Most important for us are independence, immediacy and diversity.

At the moment, in times of the Corona-Pandemic, this means, most of all: halt and stagnation.

There are various reasons:
We plan small-scale by intent, as we value both proximity between artists and their audience and art as a direct experience. Therefore, there is little space for distancing.
At BASTION, we host artists from all over the world. Most of them have postponed or cancelled their tours.
For reasons of remaining independent of public funding, we finance BASTION to a great extent by hosting private parties there. Since March and for a few more weeks at least, reasonably, all of these events are also cancelled.

During the last few months, we were in the fortunate position of being able to benefit from the governmental Corona-Soforthilfe aid. More aid programs for the cultural sector are imminent, but not completely worked out yet. If and when they are going to help us survive the crisis, is not sure.

This is why we need your help now:
We want to remain BASTION in times of Corona. Please help us pay our fixed costs.
This basically contains the rent for our venue, other fixed expenses such as phone and electricity costs and the most urgent measures of maintenance and repair.