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Closed Immidiate emergency aid for the culture & creative scene in Beirut /Libanon

A project from Wir sind alle MITTENDRIN e.V / Artists4HumanRights
in Beirut, Lebanon

Immidiate emergency aid for the culture & creative scene in Beirut/Libanon All donations arrive directly!

Maidline Aurie (Singer / Songwriterin)
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About this project

"Without our music, our anchor, our spark of hope within chaos, we would have been absolutely devastated."

 It is painful to see the destruction of Beirut and to know that its great people are in a state of desperation. 
The Lebanon: A country shaken by crises, also strongly affected by Covid-19. The government failed completely in instigating support measures. 
What happened in Beirut extended the struggles of the people to unimaginable extent.

All this makes leaves us shocked and in sadness and thats why we made this donation campaign.

#MusicForBeirut, we want to help our colleagues and friends. we want to do the little we can do.

Wir sind alle MITTENDRIN e.V. are strongly connected to Beirut's Tunefork Studio whose owner Fadi Tabbal is an important tie point to the local alternative music scene. We are also in touch with the Beirut based band Postcards who have toured Germany several times. They were also among those who suffered heavy losses but they say there are others who are more effected an in need, so they just want to help their people. 

The Tunefork Studio and the Band are immediately connected to the local music scene. They know where help is needed the most. They guarantee that all donations will reach those most badly affected and they are coordinating distribution of funds.

The situation lacks everything: Medical help, food, housing alternatives or restoring measures and also their required musical equipment etc. 

It is of great importance to us to supply those affected with immediate support. To encourage them and to secure their livelihood. Also, to support the maintanance of their creative work.
Music has always been a crutch for our friends in Beirut. In the current situation, it is more important than ever.

Please, do help!