Dream Children's Home - an orphanage in Kenya

Ngong, Kenya

Dream Children's Home - an orphanage in Kenya

Help is needed!

S. Oesterle
S. Oesterle wrote on 01-06-2017
Help is needed!

In 2017 Kenya got hit by a serious drought. After the long rains in 2016 were already poor the raining season in 2017 from March to May developed even worse. The consequences are alarming: no water, low harvests and constantly rising food prices are badly affecting the life of 2,6 million Kenyan people.

The Dream Children’s Home is strongly affected by this catastrophe. Currently 89 children have to be nourished every day-but the food stock is low. The homegrown maize and vegetables do not sprout and the imported maize is highly expensive-especially in a big amount.

The orphanage is suffering from severe shortage and needs urgent help. The food savings are literally eaten up and accrued reserves are used up.

Rachel W. Gichia, Director of Dream Children’s Home: “…food has gone up very much, electricity and water. We used to pay 100/- per cubic meter and now it is 200/-. Our water bill per month is between 6000/- to 12000/- per month now.  Electricity has been going up continuously and our bills are now alarming, being 12000/- per month. Food has gone eg. a bag of rice that used to cost 100/- is now going for 200/-. And sugar is going from 120/- to 200/- per kilo. In short the cost of living is going up and we are suffering very much.”

Dream Children’s Home needs your support to stabilize the situation and to feed the children! Please donate through betterplace or directly to the account of our registered association located in Germany:

Förderverein Dream Children's Home
IBAN: DE 6883 0654 0800 0499 2091

Thank you for your support!!

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Help is needed
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