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Good-Education for Orphans in Mitume-Slum/Kenya

A project from Club of Engineers and Friends e.V.
in Mitume bei Kitale, Kenya

Ann, Christine and Lucy grew up in the Tabasamu Children Center. They are now helping to look after the younger children and can graduate from college in the next two years. To do this, they need our support.

Heidi Walter
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About this project


About the Project

Tabasamu means Smile in Swahili.

20 orphans between 2-18 years live with OTEPIC in the Tabasamu Children Center. OTEPIC takes care of the children, their upbringing, education, food and accommodation, offers them a loving home and prospects.
Education is taken seriously here, and in Kenya it costs money - school uniforms, learning materials, books etc. have to be paid for by the parents. Many poor families fail because of this.

Great success: thanks to home schooling, the children from the Tabasamu Childrens Center passed the first exams after the lockdown with above-average results. And the oldest - Ann, Christine and Lucy - can graduate from college in the next two years. They need our support to do this big step.

With your donations we help our friends at OTEPIC to master these tasks.