Closed Helping Bear Get Surgery

An aid project by C. Hunt in Stoney Creek, Canada

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C. Hunt (Project Manager)

C. Hunt
Bear is a companion dog who was recently diagnosised with a small sack in his colon where stool accumulates. It makes it very hard for him to pass and often requires manual removal by his vet. The sack has now gotten considerably bigger and he requires surgery now or I will be forced to put him down. Unfortunately, I am on a disability pension and can not come up with the $3000.00 CAD all at once, nor will his vet take payments. Bear is a sweetheart of a dog who has helped me through some rough times the past 8 years. And now, it is his turn to ask for help. I have been informed that the surgery is quite doable and that Bear should return to a very normal life afterwards. All donations will help Bear return to a normal life providing me with the gift of love and companionship. Please help!!

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Location: Stoney Creek, Canada

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  • Uploaded at 22-11-2011