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We collect money for the registration of orphans in Mozambique

Manica, Mozambique

We support orphans in Mocambique. We want to make sure they get an ID so that they can study and find a job easily after finishing school and participate in elections later.

Charlotte Chigueda from Ajudo - Hilfe für Waisenkinder in Mosambik e.V.
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We are a nonprofit organisation from Germany working in a small town in Mozambique. We support orphans who live with foster parents.
Knowing how important an ID and a birth certificate is, we want to make sure that all orphans will get one. Why? After finishing school they will need their ID for finding a job or study. And also because they will need it when being controlled by the police or when they want to vote or travel to the neighbour contries.
The registration is comparatively cheap. For the notary, a photo and the issuing of the ID we will need approximately 600 Meticais (~8€). By supporting 35 children we will need 280€.

We would be so happy if you decide to support us and share it with your friends and family. The sooner we have the entire ammount the quicker we can start.

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