Women empowerment / education for women

An aid project by “Abury Foundation” (Andrea B.) in Marrakesh, Morocco

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Andrea B. (Project Manager)

Andrea B.
So far the ABURY Foundation has supported the professional formation of the women in the Atlas mountains. Now they asked us, if we could support them on top with a teacher who helps them learning how to read and write!

Illiteracy is one of the main problems in Morocco - approx. 30% of the over 15-year olds are still illiterate. This quota is getting much higher in rural areas - especially for women and girls - still today about 40-50% of women in rural areas are illiterate - and therefore have no possibility to enter the workforce.

And - we want to fulfill their wish and employ a teacher who teaches them how to read and write! Reading and writing is the basis of daily living - we can't even imagine how it is to live without being able to read and write. Please help us to employ a teacher - it is not only about reading and writing - it is about self-confidence, opportunities and a brighter future!

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Location: Marrakesh, Morocco

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