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Alumni-Seminars during voluntary service

A project from Alumni-Netzwerk der Freiwilligendienste SH e. V.
in Kiel, Germany

We want to support volunteers in a sustained manner to value their commitment in our society. Therefore we organize seminars with diverse programs. To help us make volunteering and education attainable regardless of financial capability: donate now!

Maurice C.
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About this project

The „Alumni-Netzwerk der Freiwilligendienste Schleswig-Holstein e. V.“ is a non-profit organization and treasures voluntary civic engagement in all his aspects and appearances. Therefore, we want to support and foster volunteers and the service. 
The key part of our work in the organization is the solidary support of those volunteers – whether they perform their service within the Voluntary Year of Social Service (Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr), Voluntary Ecological Year (Freiwilliges Ökologisches Jahr), Federal Voluntary Service (Bundesfreiwilligendienst) or within another form of voluntary service. Our support takes the form of accompanying the volunteers during and after their time of voluntary service. Organizing different projects and possibilities for networking in accordance with the purpose of our association is a vital aspect of our mission. 
These projects include alumni-seminars, which take place every half year and span over a few days. The goal is to reinforce and strengthen networking, create room for education and appreciate the commitment within the voluntary service. For that, the participants are encouraged to create workshops the other participants may attend during the seminar. To include a general communication and exchange of experiences, the seminar contains various offers of creative rooms, parlor and board games and joint actions like cooperative games. 
The organization in general, and therefore the alumni-seminars, are organized on a voluntary basis. Because of the financially weak situation of most volunteers and because the Alumni-Netzwerk is mainly funded with donations, sponsorships are necessary to hold the alumni-seminars. Sponsors make it possible to pay for board and lodging as well as material without the need for the participants to pay a huge attendance fee. The access to volunteering and education should not be dependent on financial capabilities.