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Empowering Women By Creating Sustainable Livelihood in Post Corona World

Wardha District, Vidarbha region, India

The project aims at creating sustainable livelihood opportunity for women in so called developing countries & transforming economy by introducing decentralization and transparency as core pillars in KNOWLEDGE, FINANCE, PRODUCTION & MARKET.

Amit Tyagi from Peace Foundation e.V.
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PROGRAM INTRODUCTION Creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for women in the post Corona World which will witness increase in extreme poverty, growing gender inequality and rise in violation of human rights. 

COVID-19 is, first and foremost, a humanitarian challenge, solving the humanitarian crisis is the top priority. At the same time, there are wider economic  implications and serious threat to basic human rights. COVID-19 could push half a billion people into poverty, says the latest Oxfam report. Only in India around 400 million workers may sink into poverty, suggest UN ILO recent report. About 400 millions jobs were lost in Q2 2020 due to COVID-19, suggests International Labor Organization (the United Nation) report.

The project aims at creating sustainable livelihood opportunity for women economically affected by the pandemic and are sinking into economic vulnerability due to Corona-virus crisis.


Target Group for pilot phase: Women of Vidarbha
Worst affected are the widows of the farmers who have committed suicide during India’s ongoing agrarian crisis. India’s lockdown amid coronavirus has already started to hit women in rural areas the hardest. Amongst the worst to be affected by the pandemic are women.

Vidarbha region of central India in state of Maharashtra is well known as the farmer’s suicide epicenter of India. Over the past 20 years, more than 300,000 farmers have committed suicide throughout India. Maharashtra has the highest number of suicides by distressed farmers in India. From 2012 to April this year, a total of 3,145 farmers committed suicide in the region of Vidarbha. A recent analysis reveals how deep despair runs in Vidarbha. In many cases even a loan as small as Rs 10,000 was enough to push farmers over the edge to commit suicide. 

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