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Aid for Ethiopia "The Y E B A R K I Project"

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Together we can directly support 300 families with a care set of hygiene utensils and food. We are convinced that not only the virus but also love can have an effect far beyond national borders.

Mark Blundell from Begegnung e.V. | 
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About this project

In Ethiopia, the pandemic is just beginning and the country is preparing for an increasing number of patients.

A large part of the Ethiopian population lives, as they say, "from hand to mouth". In combination with a non-existent social system, a meagre harvest and plagues of locusts, the country will not be able to provide for its citizens for the next few months without outside support, as Ethiopian Prime Minister and Nobel Prize winner Abiy Ahmed movingly points out in an article in the "Financial Times": "Covid-19 teaches us that we are all world citizens linked by a single virus that does not recognise any of our natural or man-made differences: neither the colour of our skin, nor our passports, nor the gods we worship. All that counts for the virus is the fact of our common humanity.
(...) The pandemic requires global action, guided by a sense of global solidarity."

The project leaders, Sarah and Babak Keshtkaran, have been living in Ethiopia since 2018 and are currently in Germany because of the pandemic. They are convinced that not only the virus but also charity can have an impact beyond national borders. Therefore we have started a fundraising campaign together with them to bless the families of our partners in the villages with food and hygiene products. 

A Care Set for one family for one month costs 32,50 €. Our short-term goal is to give a Care Set to 300 families in the next ten weeks who are in acute need of support.

Thanks to the mutual trust and network of relationships we have built with our partners, the donations collected in Germany can be passed on quickly to the leaders of the parishes in the village regions, where they and their teams buy food and hygiene products - thus also strengthening the local economy and supporting small traders - in order to then distribute them to needy families in food distributions. 

Updated at 26. February 2021

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