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Helping Hands Project

La Paz, Bolivia

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Helping Hands Project

La Paz, Bolivia

We received a payout of €985.71

L. Zarate
L. Zarate wrote on 17-09-2020

Thank you so much to our Betterplace donors.  The funds arriving this quarter will go to pay the university fees for Yunior, Andres and Silvia as well as some assistance for food during the COVID 19 restrictions .  Yunior is finishing his thesis to complete his studies in Petroleum Engineering and Andres is now in his second semester of studies in Commerce. Silvia is in her third year of Veterinary studies.  We have been giving extra food assistance to many of our students who cannot work due to the COVID 19 restrictions.   The COVID 19 situation in Bolivia has been severe and the lock down was very strict at the beginning.  It has loosened up somewhat for September, but all classes are still online and most people are still working at home and expect to do so for a long time.  However, our students who had part time jobs to help sustain then, cannot work and this has put an extra financial burden on everyone.  With our extra food assistance and support for Internet access, our students have been able to stay in school.  
Thank you once again, 

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