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Covid-19 in Nepal: protective clothing urgently needed

Kathmandu, Nepal

Covid-19 in Nepal: protective clothing urgently needed

Kathmandu, Nepal

Together with our Nepalese partner organisation Akasha Academy NGO and the Nepal Medical Students' Society we support the management of the corona crisis by distributing protective clothing to medical staff in Nepal.

Simone H. from Long Yang e.V. | 
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About this project

Nepal is currently in Covid-19 lockdown and thus in an exceptional situation. Protective clothing is scarce, and medical personnel in particular are dependent on support from NGOs. Together with our partner organisation Akasha Academy NGO, the first step was to provide urgently needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to two health posts in Suntakhan. In Nepal, Health Posts are the local contact points for first aid for health problems, especially in rural areas. For the medical staff there, our support is currently the only possibility to get urgently needed protection material during the pandemic. Other Health Posts in the region have asked for support, and the Nepal Medical Students' Society (NMSS) is also asking for help in providing protective clothing for doctors and medical staff in hospitals in and around Kathmandu. 

Due to the high demand, the materials are not only difficult to obtain, but their price has also risen significantly. There are also reports of corruption in the procurement of PPE in the health sector and general supply shortages. The supply of protective clothing by the government is therefore progressing only slowly, priority is given to hospitals while rural health facilities complain about the lack of state support so far. The situation in Nepal is extremely serious. As a country with a fragile healthcare system without the necessary infrastructure to cope with increasing cases of Covid-19, the protection of medical staff is particularly important. 

We ask you for your support! Every Euro goes directly without deduction into the procurement and transport of protective clothing.

Situation in Nepal:

On March 22nd 2020, the Nepalese government decided on a complete "lockdown" of the country, which will last at least until April 27th. So far there are 30 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Nepal (as of April 17th 2020). The low number of cases can be explained among other things by the low amount of tests being carried out. In addition to a low testing capacity, it has been reported that hospital staff often sent patients with symptoms away for fear of becoming infected due to a lack of suitable protective clothing. After a shipment of protective equipment and 10,000 test kits arrived from China at the end of March, it can be assumed that an increased testing will also result in a higher number of people tested positive. Until the beginning of April there was only one hospital in the whole country where COVID-19 tests were being carried out. In the meantime, other hospitals have been equipped with the necessary resources for testing. Overall, there are very few hospitals in Nepal with intensive care beds and sufficient nursing staff. 

Long Yang e.V.