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Funded Smiles Africa vs. Corona | Water & sanitation stations for Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya

We are Smiles Africa Charity and together with you we can build important water and hygiene stations in Kenya. This way we support the fight against Corona, in an area that needs our special help at this time.

Julian R. from Smiles Africa Charity
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While in Germany we are discussing curfews and compulsory face masks in African agglomerations such as the slum of Korogocho, more fundamental hygiene measures count in order to prevent Covid-19 from spreading uncontrolled. The most effective and at the same time simplest measure here is to wash your hands. Even with only 20 € we can make an important contribution to slowing down the spread of the virus in Korogocho. 
What is the problem?
According to our current estimates, the Kenyan slum of Korogocho with over 300,000 inhabitants is not prepared for the Corona pandemic without the right measures. 
Lived actions such as #socialdistancing and #maskeauf cannot be applied to life in the slum. The only chance to slow down the spread of the virus and still give people the opportunity to earn a living would be a better hygiene system. Although it is recommended to wash your hands every 20 minutes, this is a big challenge for the residents of Korogocho, because of the general shortage of water.
How do we want to solve it?
With only 20 € it will be possible to build a water station where some of the residents can wash their hands with soap and prevent the virus from spreading uncontrolled. The construction is very cheap and very effective, because it offers the possibility to wash hands to every single person. Furthermore, stations in the cityscape create an awareness of the seriousness of the situation on the streets of Korogocho.