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Support SCPS during and after the Corona crisis!

A project from Welthaus Bielefeld e.V.
in Johannesburg, South Africa

Sophiatown Community Psychological Services urgently needs financial resources to provide material and psychosocial support to clients in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Johannesburg during and after the Corona crisis.

S. Herrmann
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Sophiatown Community Psychological Services (SCPS) is a non-profit organization that offers psychosocial support programs for families from marginalized communities. These are primarily offered for people affected by HIV / AIDS, poverty, war and displacement. One of the SCPS centers is located in the East of Johannesburg (Betrams), which is part of a spreading ghetto consisting of migrants and refugees. Many of these families have fled violent conflicts in their home countries and are now exposed to acute daily stress in the form of extreme poverty, xenophobia and social exclusion. The organization usually focuses on providing psychosocial and psychotherapeutic support to people who have often experienced terrible events and who have lost hope long ago. It is essentially about creating, recovering and maintaining hope. However, since March 26, 2020 South Africa has been on "lockdown". The two SCPS centers also had to be temporarily closed til the end of April. Since people are currently no longer allowed to leave their homes without a valid reason, clients can currently only be supported over the phone. In addition to the psychological problems, panic and fear of illness that the current situation brings with it all over the world, a large number of SCPS clients have lost all livelihoods due to the corona crisis and the "lockdown": many have so far earned the money for their daily needs and necessities by selling fruit & vegetables, cigarettes or second-hand clothes on the streets of Johannesburg. Since this option is no longer available, there is no more money in the household budget and no more food on the table. For families and single mothers who have previously lived at the subsistence level and literally "from hand to mouth", the current situation now simply means a daily struggle for survival.. For this reason, in addition to providing telephone support, SCPS also tries to provide practical help as best as possible in the current situation by supporting clients with food parcels in the worst emergencies. For this purpose, the resources currently available to the non-profit organization are far from sufficient. In order to continue to enable and ensure psychosocial and material support for marginalized clients through SCPS, financial resources are urgently needed to carry on helping people in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Johannesburg during and after the "lockdown" in South Africa.