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Emergency help for Corona crisis children in Ukraine

Lviv, Ukraine

Introducing Anna and positive changes for her family.

J. Lehnis
J. Lehnis wrote on 11-02-2021


We invite you to meet Anna, an unsung hero, because together we can make a big difference for her seven children and others like them. Delivering food to them and 100 other families since April 2020 has already made a big difference, and we can bring long term solutions too.

Living in a small village in Ukraine, Anna does an amazing job of raising her children alone. Every day she carries 30 buckets of water and keeps their home meticulously clean. Sadly, Anna’s husband died two years ago and she misses him terribly. Her two youngest children went to live in a children's home, but when we started helping with monthly food deliveries Anna could bring them back. It was a wonderfully happy day for the family to be reunited. Though it was clear that the young ones had missed their Mum they soon regained their confidence.

If we each give a little, we can give Anna the running water that will make her life easier. We can fix the leak in her roof, we can sponsor two of her children so they can have a happy family life with help for their education. There is a special offer from Betterplace that can help too: they will add 10% to every donation.

When we get to know the families who need help, we truly appreciate the simple things we have: running water, family, medical care. Our work supports education, gives children better opportunities, and gives families the advice and support they need, so more young people can grow up to succeed in life. You can see News of our many active projects on our website: 

We would love to transform Anna’s home, give education sponsorship, and avoid institutional care for her children, not just for Covid times, but for the future. Even €5 can make a difference, will you join in? By sharing this appeal with your friends you can help us reach our goal and help many more children along the way.

Anna's children are happy and well cared for, and with a little help they can have a secure future with their family. Thank you.

From February 8 – 14, Betterplace will add 10% to your donation, so donate or share our appeal today!

Thank you for supporting children from poor families in Ukraine!
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