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Donate a coffee! Your 2 euro will enable education in Ghana.

Mampong, Ghana

We are all affected and through your 2 euro donation unemployed young people in Ghana get the CHANCE for a three year apprenticeship. They come from poor families, disadvantaged girls and young women are particularly affected.

Susanne Sponholz from Opportunity International Deutschland
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What can 2.00 euros achieve?!
With this vision Ralph Böttcher and Opportunity have started a campaign together. 

OUR GOEL 2025:    to enable 25 poor young people to receive an apprenticeship in Ghana through hundreds of 2.00 euro donations  

VISION: 12,500 active chance givers donate 2.00 euros, the small value of a coffee (around 2 euros) and together they achieve that 25 young people have a perspective for the future.   

BACKGROUND: GIVING OPPORTUNITIES is a vision we share with many dedicated supporters, one of them is Ralph Böttcher. He has a clear vision and wants to give everyone a chance.  As a "Dream Fulfiller", Ralph has already approached many regional BNI groups (chapters) on his tour of Germany as a consultant to DanRevision. So far, five young people have already received support. 

PROJECT: HELP FOR SELF-HELP The proven YAP apprenticeship programme breaks the cycle of poverty. In the Youth Apprenticeship Program (YAP) of Opportunity International Germany, unemployed young people in Ghana have been receiving a three-year apprenticeship in the crafts sector since 2009. They come from poor families; disadvantaged young women are particularly affected.   

REQUIREMENTS: The costs for a three-year apprenticeship in Ghana are about 1.000 euros, which is about the cost of a monthly trainee salary in Germany. Included are the complete apprenticeship, a health insurance for 3 years and the working tools which remain with the young person.   

WHAT CAN YOU DO?   Participate with a "coffee donation" of 2 euros and then activate your network. EVERY contribution helps! Together we can achieve a big goal with a small contribution. Thanks a lot.  

ORGANISATION: Opportunity International Germany is a christian motivated aid organisation that reduces poverty in developing countries. Since 1996, we have been giving people a real chance to build a dignified and self-determined life by supporting small businesses and education. 95 percent of the people we support are women.   

Of course you will automatically receive a donation receipt for your tax return by email early next year.