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Help us to provide a good home to 110 children in South India!

Mangalagiri, India

Help us to provide a good home to 110 children in South India!

Mangalagiri, India

We support the operation of a children's home for 110 children. The aim is that the children grow up well looked after and cared for and receive a good school education. Help to give the children a better future!

Maik Schmalstich from Förderverein "Sharon Welfare Society" e.V. | 
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About this project

We are a support association that helps a non-profit organization in Andhra Pradesh (South India) to run a children's home with two houses. What is most important to us is that the approximately 110 children are well fed, cared for, looked after and educated. A good part of the running costs can be secured locally. But as you can imagine, there are always extraordinary expenses to cover. This is exactly where we ask for your support!

Currently we are collecting donations for three urgent plans and projects:

1. Clothing package:
With Christmas, all 110 children and 35 caregivers receive a clothing package worth 30 Euro each year. It includes pants, T-shirts, sweaters, dresses and a festive wardrobe. The clothes are handmade on site by small local tailors, so we also support the regional economy. Please support our Christmas campaign and donate for one or more clothing packages!
Total costs: 4.350 Euro

2. School fees:
For the coming school year 2020/2021, we are collecting school fees of between 50 and 175 euros for 14 children - depending on their education or care. Schooling is free in India only up to the age of 14. As a rule, the school leaving certificate is only sufficient for learning simple professions. Please help us with your donations to provide the children with a good education and perhaps even fulfill their career aspirations!
Total costs: 1.750 Euro

3. A new vegetable fridge:
We know how important a balanced diet is for our health. In India, the storage of food alone is often a problem. The children's home urgently needs a new refrigerator to keep vegetables fresh longer. Please help us with a donation to provide the children with a healthy diet!
Total costs: 1.000 Euro

A huge "Thank you" for your support!

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Updated at 04. November 2020