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Help us to provide a good home to 110 children in South India!

Mangalagiri, India

We support the operation of a children's home for 110 children. The aim is that the children grow up well looked after and cared for and receive a good school education. Help to give the children a better future!

Maik Schmalstich from Förderverein "Sharon Welfare Society" e.V.
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We are an association that supports a non-profit organization in Andhra Pradesh (South India) to run the children's home "Sharon Children Home" ( with two houses. The most important thing for us is that the approximately 110 children are well fed, cared for and educated. A good part of the running costs can be covered on site. But as you can imagine, there are always extraordinary expenses to cover. This is exactly where we ask for your support!

Currently we are collecting donations for two urgent projects:

1. Food procurement during the lockdown: Due to the current lockdown again in India and the strongly exploding number of cases, the procurement of food is more difficult: Only certain supermarkets are possible; there are partial allocations of shopping times and the prices are increasing. There are additional costs of 100 Euro per month for the next 2 months.
Total cost: 200 euros

2. A new vegetable refrigerator: We know how important a balanced diet is for our health. In India, the storage of food alone is often a problem. The children's home urgently needs a new refrigerator to keep vegetables fresh longer. Please help us with a donation to enable the children to have a healthy diet!
Total cost: 1.000 Euro

Thank you very much for your support!

Apart from Betterplace's administrative costs and bank fees, 100% of your funds will reach the children on site. We monitor the correct use of the funds on site.