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Deactivated Happy Chidren Project

Project Beneficiaries

Frank-Mills A.
Frank-Mills A. wrote on 07-11-2011

Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation has designed the project so that it empowers beneficiaries to take charge of their rsonal development and future by stimulating their social integration. Our strategy is to offer an alternate to street life while leaving the choice in their hands.

Street Children and children living in the streets, bus and railway stations:- These are the children who are forced to survive alone because they ran away from their homes or were abandoned or are orphans; Children who have occasional contacts with their families but spend their time on the streets as this is where they can get some money; Most working children who are obliged to spend the night in the streets or near In the backdrop of the above some 200 odd street and platform children and teenagers resident in 6 Shelter Homes and some 500 odd street children living on the streets and their family shall directly benefit from this Project. They all belong to communities where 85% people live below the poverty line. Girls represent 35% of the beneficiaries.

Indirect Beneficiaries:

Through various training of trainers and community sensitisation programmes some 100 odd persons consisting of staff and senior inmates of Hope and Service to Mankind Foundation, service providers (peers/volunteers/community workers) on and off the street and the community shall benefit under the project.

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