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Closed Radio Yohonou

Vogan, Togo

Closed Radio Yohonou

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The radio station will be situated in Yohonou, district Vo 68 km from Lomé, capital of Togo. We want to provide educative information for the rural population concerning among others HIV, environment, schooling and child trafficking.

K. Kokpo from K. KokpoWrite a message

I want to create a new radio station in Yohonou, district of Vo, about 68 km from Lomé, the capital of Togo. The radio broadcast will treat mainly educational and socio-cultural topics. I am the principal of the public school in Yohonou.

In comparison to other areas in Togo the district of Vo is lagging behind with regard to education and health. Many children, particularly girls don't go to school. A lot of people are not aware of the importance of education and poverty is widespread. With our educational broadcasts we want to provide important information to support the population and to provide an access to the outside world.

We are a group of public teachers and school inspectors and pursue the following goals:

- vocational training for teachers
- encourage schooling for all children, particularly girls
- fight against child trafficking
- stop rural migration
- support for the aggriculture
- reduction of analphabetism
- fight against HIV/Aids
- education to national responsibility
- environmental protection
- promote culture and sports

Logistically there is no problem for the construction of the radio station, as there is electricity in our village and Yohonou is situated at the National Highway No 4 Lomé - Aneho - Tabligbo.

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