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Home for aged and Handicapped - Untkhana

Nagpur, India

Sisters of the Society of St. Francis de Sales care for approx. 200 people in the HOME FOR AGED AND HANDICAPPED, founded in 1890. These are for the most part children suffering from the after-effects of polio and other illnesses, but also old people.

U. Wolf from Aktion Untkhana und Asha Kiran e.V. | 
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About this project

Dear Donors,

Aktion Untkhana and Asha Kiran e.V. has been working to support the HOME FOR AGED AND HANDICAPPED in Nagpur, India over the last 30 years.

The Home for handicapped children and homeless old people was founded by the Society of St, Francis de Sales in 1890, at which time the Maharadscha turned over the old camel stable to the Sisters for this purpose. The Hindu word for camel stable is UNTKHANA from which our association took its name 90 years later.

There is so much work to be done in the Home, but the helpers involved in the various tasks all have one single aim: to enable the children, who are for the most part handicapped as a result of polio, to lead independent lives in a difficult society. This may be through medical therapy and/or operations but also through schooling and occupational training. Each single project is adjusted to the talents and abilities of those taking part and takes their age and individual handicaps into account.

Lessons cover reading, writing and arithmetic for the small children and special tuition for those older ones whose state of health makes attendance at regular schools difficult. In addition there is training in working skills for the young people. In accordance with the Indian market special emphasis is laid on the textile and computer industries.

However, the Home does not only shelter children. The Sisters also offer elderly homeless people a place where they can live out their lives in human dignity. The fact that young and old live together is experienced as engendering mutual understanding between the generations.

There will be more information on these subjects later in a blog.

The Sisters’ greatest financial challenge at present is the renovation and equipment of a room for physiotherapy. In recent years there has been a growing number of requests to take in children with multiple handicaps. Permission from the state social welfare department will only be forthcoming when the Sisters can show that the stipulated improvements have been made, both in room size and in equipment. A local company has agreed to finance
basic medical devices but cannot pay for the renovation of the premises.

So there are various fields in which we can help the children in the HOME FOR AGED AND HANDICAPPED. and all have one thing in common: In each case your valuable donations are used for medical treatment ,schooling and further training to improve the lives of those whose childhood and youth have been marred by physical or social disadvantages.

We have been in personal contact with the Sisters in India for many years. This personal contact can guarantee that your donation is used for the purposes described and as you would wish.

With our heartfelt thanks!

Ulrich and Bernadette Wolf
Committee members of Aktion Untkhana and Asha Kiran e.V.
Updated at 18. March 2020