Amar Jyoti School - Free Education for Children

An aid project by “Amar Jyoti School” (M. Petschnig) in Lal Tappar, India

News: On this page the carrier keeps you informed about the current situation of the project. This helps you judge how the donations are being used.

M. Petschnig (Project Manager), written 3 days ago

M. Petschnig

Dear Friends and Supporters of Amar Jyoti School

Last week, our dear friend Alban visited the school together with a students group (6 volunteers) from France who work in partnership with the association L'ecole de Preeti.
They delivered monetary donations for the family Kant so that they can buy lunch boxes, shoes, games, food, etc. for the school children (pictures are attached to this mail).

Enjoy and have a lovely week everyone!

With love and peace,


M. Petschnig (Project Manager), written 23 days ago

M. Petschnig

Dear Friends and Supporters of Amar Jyoti School

VENKAT from Dubai, who visited the school together with his family last week, wrote in his blog about their stay:

"Amar Jyoti School – Lal Tappar, Rishikesh, Uttarakand Presently 75 children are given free education

We visited a school to which we were contributing by way of stationery, toys, uniforms

Rashmikant and family runs the free school have built their house and school in the same premises to be able to manage it better. They have separate rooms upstairs for visitors and volunteers.

Rashmi Kant had invited us to stay with them at the school itself.Venkat,Neela, Venkat's brother family became one among Amar Jyoti school family by staying at Amar Jyoti school

We were happy to meet the children on the first day and were with them during their morning routine of yoga exercises, assembly with national anthem and patriotic songs. The yoga performance was really great with some very difficult ones done by them with great ease.

We Celebrated Holi with the children on 17th March 2014. We played musical chairs, antakshari, aiming a ball inside the bucket. We also played music to which they danced well and had a round of drawing. Some of them really excel in drawing. It is heartening to see these children, who would otherwise have had no opportunity to study, coming to school every day and learning.We distributed Clothes,toys and stationery to children as a part of holi celebration. 

I thank all well wishers for their continuous support to:"

Have a lovely week everyone! 
With love and peace, x

M. Petschnig (Project Manager), written about 1 month ago

M. Petschnig

I triggered a (partial)payout for these needs:

Sponsorship for a Child/Month€16.00
1 Month's Food for a Child€7.00
1 Year's Medical Care for a Child€20.00
Sponsorship for a Child/Month€25.00
1 Year's Study Material for a Child€100.00
1 Month's Food for a Child€32.00

There are so many projects the family Kant would like to realise and with your help they got a few steps closer to achieve them. As some of you might have seen already, they are working to build up an additional room for volunteers. It would be much easier for people to visit Amar Jyoti School if there would be a possibility to stay next to the school building. Another idea Rashmi and his family want to put into practise is the so called "Girls Boarding Houses Project": their aim is to particularly provide education for girls who come from difficult family backgrounds.