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Plastic Waste Recycling Center in Burkina Faso

A project from Greening Africa Together/Alle Hand in Hand, e.V.
in bobo Dioulasso , Burkina Faso

Plastic World-Do you want to help us to make a CHANGE? It takes 1000 years to degrade the plastic. Do we have time? NO. We want to build a plastic waste recycling center in Burkina Faso, where women can store, recycle and reuse the plastic. ACT NOW!!

Lilly S.
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Who are we? 
Greening Africa Together is a network of NGOs, universities, and institutions collaborating in the field of green development.
The members of Greening Africa Together are united by the aim to encourage, empower, and enable African youth to fight climate change and provide perspectives in Africa together.
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Current situation
 An association of 100 women from a suburb Kwaa of Bobo-Dioulasso has started to tackle the plastic waste problem by collecting plastics from the streets. But they are facing big challenges: There is no place to recycle or even to store the plastic nearby. There is also a lack of knowledge about technical recycling methods, different types of plastic and their properties. In addition, there is no access to electricity. This has resulted in the women burning a part of the collected plastic. The other part was flushed back into the environment by the rain.
 Ideas and conditions for sustainable development do not exist yet, which is why members from BONI University of Bobo-Dioulasso, Benin University and TU Berlin come together to develop solutions in cooperation with the local women association and the NGO “new humanity”. According to the needs of the women association and local community, they want to get rid of the plastic waste from the streets. However, they also would like to have a community workplace with electricity, equipment to recycle and storage space for plastic.
The biggest wish of the association is to offer different recycled plastic products for own use and also for sale to earn money as a community. So, we decided to create a social workplace for the community made of recycled plastic bricks with access to electricity from a PV-System. In the workplace the community have the possibility to store and recycle plastic by using recycling machines. Workshops are planned to create environmental awareness, knowhow about plastic as resource and how to recycle it.
 Financial Concept:
Property | 400 €
Shredder machine | 600 €
Oven | 600 €
Motorcycle + Cart | 550 €
Equipment for collecting | 1200 €
Washing and drying station | 225 €
Safety equipment  | 225 €
Extra brick material | 250 €
TOTAL | 3545 €
 Team Members: Yawo Sehoubo, Yélbéiré Some, Yirtiana Somda, Simon Hofmann, Nils Fuchs, Mahdi Alazzeh, Leonard Dabire, Hermione Ahamide, Credo Fonteclounon, Bengisu Berispek ,Bénoit Kontiebo
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