Closed Construction of Community Learning Center

An aid project by D. Mazariegos in Xecanchavox, San Cristobal, Guatemala

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D. Mazariegos (Project Manager)

D. Mazariegos
Since 2008, Kamalbe School has been sending volunteers to Xecanchavox, a rural indigenous community of 500 families, to teach courses in health, reading, arts, and music to underserved women and children. The education programs have become so popular that we now are in need of a community learning center to accommodate the current curriculum and begin new courses that have been requested by the community. These new classes will include computer literacy, mathematics, environmental stewardship, elementary sciences, and specialized tutoring for kids and mathematics, sexual education, and citizen rights for women and youth. The community learning center itself will be comprised of a classroom space, computer lab, workshop rooms, library, and kitchen, and when completed will open the doors of education to over 4,000 women and children from Xecanchavox and surrounding communities. Kamalbe School is also working with the Inter-American Development Fund to realize this project.

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Location: Xecanchavox, San Cristobal, Guatemala

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